5 Science-Backed
Weight-Loss Plans
That Get Results

If you are tired of spending money and getting nowhere whilst slaving away at the gym and eating lettuce leaves, then these options will have you feeling full, happy and lighter! Weight-loss plans should be realistic and have science behind them to prove that they work. Get started on your weight-loss journey now.

1 Noom


Be healthier and happier with Noom. The Noom app is your new best friend when it comes to weight loss. They have taken a psychological based approach to weight-loss and ensure every suggestion, exercise and recipe are tailored specifically to you ...

2 Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers

Ready for results? Weight Watchers can help you achieve your weight-loss goals with their new MyWW program which takes your personal preferences and lifestyle factors into consideration. You can even track while you are out and about with their easy ...

3 Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig

Look good and feel great! Jenny Craig offers a free 8-week membership to get you started, then a range of affordable plans to choose from. With over 70 meal options to pick from you will never be bored with your daily menu. Keep track of your weight ...

4 CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

Lose three times more weight! The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is scientifically backed and researched to ensure you get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. They offer a fully comprehensive 12-week plan which includes easy and ...

5 Your Keto Diet

Your Keto Diet

Go into Ketosis for rapid weight-loss. Your Keto Diet offers a ketogenic diet plan which includes high fat, low carbs, and moderate protein intake. Through eating a keto diet you will be able to lose weight fast without needing to exercise. Each ...

Weight-Loss Plans

Choose the best one for your goals

Weight-loss plans are not a new concept, but they certainly have increased in number and improved in the last 10 years. If losing weight is something you have been contemplating for a while, now is the time to act by signing up to one of our top suggested weight-loss plans above.

Not sure which one is right for you? Consider what you want to achieve, your allocated budget and the time frame you have, to reach your goals.

All weight loss programs should have a scientific or research-based background, so we have made sure each of our top choices have these characteristics and are easy to follow.

Ready for the next step? Click through one of the links above and get started today, your body won’t regret it, as we age we need to look after our bodies and invest in our health.

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